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Bali TideBali Tide
Poseidon, 2006

The Milan ParadoxThe Milan Paradox
Poseidon, 2005

The Himalyan Gene Himalaya Gene
Poseidon, 2008

Orisis RingOsiris Ring
Poseidon, 2016

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Bali Tide
The Milan Paradox
 The Himalayan Gene Osiris Ring
Paul Froomes, Author - Bali Tide, The Milan Paradox, The Himalayan Gene and Osiris Ring.
Fast paced, must read action thrillers!

Paul Froomes is a passionate writer and a specialist physician. Although a frequently published medical researcher, Paul yearned to unleash the inner creative writer. Thus the medical action thriller was born. Paul’s writing introduces the reader to cutting edge medical research beyond our present capabilities and weaves this into a fast-paced must read thriller.

Osiris Ring
Osiris Ring - Paul Froomes Set amongst the mysteries of ancient Egypt, Osiris Ring is the latest medical thriller from the acclaimed author Paul Froomes. Published in 2016, this novel continues the saga of Professor Wells and agent Daniella Scolaro and surpases all expectations.
Himalaya Gene
Himalaya GeneIn the near future, accelerated aging has become the greatest threat to human survival. What if the world’s greatest anti-aging researcher was murdered to keep his incredible discovery secret, and the woman you love disappeared investigating his death?
Bali Tide
Bali Tide An ancient porcelain vase filled with gold turns up buried in a rice field in Bali and local legend tells of three more. What if this priceless artifact also contained a deadly virus that threatened to destroy the world? You are a retired SAS commando working as an importer in Bali and you’ve been brought out of retirement by the government to locate the remaining three before a terrorist network or bounty hunter does. To what lengths would you go?
The Milan Paradox
The Milan Paradox What if disease had become the greatest threat to human survival? What if the President of the United States developed incurable cancer at forty-two? You are America’s best cancer surgeon and you’re powerless to stop it. To what lengths would you go to find a cure? Would you steal the technology? Would you break the law?
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Paul Froomes - Medical Action and Adventure Writer